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Kal's career started in law, where he had a general practice in New Britain from 1962 to 1978. He then started a travel agency which became one of the largest in Connecticut; Connecticut Travel Services. As a travel agent he bought advertising time on WLIS/WMRD, so it was a natural place for him to start when he wanted to get into broadcasting, after he sold the agency. His experience and the contacts he made as a travel agent have made him highly respected and recognized, and have given him the ability to now tap the top people in the travel industry. He does 260 shows a year, bringing you over 9000 travel interviews since 1998.  In the last two years Kal has also been doing a select number of Thirty minute specials on Fridays at 12:30pm

Kal loves to talk with people, he loves to travel, and the whole world knows it. But "Travel with Kal" isn't about him, it's about the people he interviews - Kal wants them to talk, and he wants you to learn.

Kal loves to talk travel and welcomes your questions. He would even be happy to help resolve any travel problems you may have, and will offer you his knowledge of great vacation bargains.
Where's Kals favorite vacation destination? Well, Aloha! He's been to Hawaii about sixty times, more than any other place, so that says something!


Kal London and his Show, "Travel with Kal," heard exclusively on WLIS/WMRD has been named the 2012 Tourism Ambassador Winner for the State of Connecticut from the Connecticut Conference on Tourism. Kal received his award at the Annual Conference, held May 17th in Hartford. Also honored were various State Attractions, Hotels, and Restaurants; Kal (and WLIS/WMRD) the only Broadcasters to receive the prestigious award for the year. (Kal is holding his Pineapple Award in the picture above)

Three of Kal's Contributing Editors!

Genevieve Shaw Brown is senior editor of TRAVELOCITY. She is the go-to travel expert for vitually all industry-related topics. Whether discussing the impact of recent industry events, tips on maneuvering through new policies and baggage fees, popular destinations of the season. or how to save money in the current environment, Brown can provide answers. Besides the TRAVEL WITH KAL show, she has appeared on Fox Business News, MSNBC Live, The Early Show, Fox & Friends, CNN American Morning, NBC Nightly News, Martha Stewart Sirius Satellite Radio and other shows.

Dan Schlossberg is President of the North American Travel Journalists Association [NATJA] and travel editor of Hooters Magazine and The Maggie Linton Show, heard weekly on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. The former AP newsman, who is also the author of 34 baseball books, has written travel stories for The New York Post, Denver Post, Bergen Record, and many inflight and AAA publications. The lifelong New Jersey resident lives in the New York suburb of Fair Lawn.

Harvey Schwartz is Travel With Kal's first INTERNATIONAL Contributor. This Canadian lives in Montreal. He has traveled all over the world, going on several cruises each year. If you want to find the lowest Cruise price or lowest Car rental rate, Harvey is the expert. If you need to find a local guide in an international destination, Harvey will locate one. Over 100 individuals both in the US and Canada rely on Harvey to find them unbelievable fares and rates and he does this as a hobby, making no income from this. He may spend hours on his internet to find a low car rental rate for one of his friends. Harvey is now sharing all his expertise and tips with the listeners of Travel With Kal.

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