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A Message From the President to Our Valued Clients

Our stations, WMRD and WLIS, are committed to promoting and developing our communities. Our listeners depend on WMRD and WLIS as the credible, dependable, and trustworthy voice for their towns. You too are invited to join our efforts by helping us reach the potential inherent in these communities.

Remember - Our listeners want to hear your message: They want to know what's new and different about your product or service; the features, benefits, and values of YOUR OFFERS.

WMRD and WLIS are dedicated to providing you with increased sales, increased revenue, and increased profits from your current and newly found customers.

We invite you to review carefully the enclosed materials. They will give you more information and ideas about how we can work together on our mutual goals: Better business, better communities.

President, Crossroads Communications

Who We Are, What We Do

Together, WMRD and WLIS share these common goals:

1. Create a spirit of pride in our communities; support, cheer, and encourage all our local institutions, such as schools, police, fire, hospitals, civic, and cultural organizations.

 2. Promote that pride by airing programs and events which celebrate the values and cultures of these communities and which present them positively.

3. Promote that same sense of pride in the history of these historically-rich communities.

4. Promote, encourage, inspire, motivate, and develop the business and professional resources of these communities.

We pledge to do all we can to keep our entire local listening area fully informed and, in doing so, to add to the general welfare and success of our audience and advertisers.

Why Radio?

WLIS and WMRD are free to all who live, work, and play in the Connecticut Valley Shore.
Local Full-Service radio gives you multiple daily impressions. It maximizes your advertising dollars by delivering you frequency. And frequency, it has been proven, delivers results. Should you also be advertising in print, local full-service radio reinforces your print ad. People hear about you, then see you; they see you, then hear about you. These complementary, self-reinforcing impressions make people much more likely to act on your message. By advertising with us you will also reach a new clientele: those who don't read the paper or see your ad are equally excellent prospects for your business.
WLIS and WMRD will help you reach that new clientele, which means more new customers and more profit for you.

Radio Facts:

 Ninety-nine percent of all Americans listen to radio.
 Over seventy-seven percent of all adults tune in to radio for over three hours every single day.
 Adults, in households with incomes of $50,000 or more, listen to the radio on an average of 2.45 hours per day; radio reaches 98.3 percent of these highly desirable consumers every week.
Fifty-seven percent of shoppers reached by a medium within one hour of their largest daily purchase are reached by radio.
And there are many other radio facts like these.

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